Saturday, June 24, 2006

Summer Reading Scheme

The ever-lovely Kate recently alerted me to a super-fantastic plan hatched by her friend Lex (who was cool way before the hatching of said super-fantastic plan. She publishes everyone's favourite guide to the city - Cheap Eats Toronto!).

Lex recently attended Book Expo Canada and brought back more books than you can imagine. And instead of letting 'em collect dust over the summer, she's decided to host a mini book expo for bloggers - Claim it. Read it. Blog it.

Visit Lex's site, and peruse the list of remaining titles. Leave a comment with the book you'd like to read, and Lex will mail you the book - the only catch is, within a month you have to post a review on your blog, or send a review to Lex to post on hers. It's the honour system, people! Make me proud!

Catch you later...I'm going to look at the books...


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