Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Clementine - by Sara Pennypacker

"Here is a secret good thing: Sometimes I like journal writing at school because I can remind myself of things I might forget when I'm a grown-up. Like that I plan to smoke cigars. And I do not plan to get married. Cigars, yes; husband, no. What if I forget these things?"

Okay, this book? The one that's written for kids, like, less than a quarter of my age? It TOTALLY RULES. I scarfed through half of it between Bloor Station and Coxwell, and finished the rest between Coxwell and Dundas West on the way home. If you have a child anywhere from 5 -10 (publisher says 4-8 yrs.), they should read this book. Actually, never mind the kids, you should read this one for yourself first.

Clementine (Hyperion Books for Children, 144pgs, release date Sept. 2006) is an hilarious, Ramona Quimby-style precocious third-grader. How can you not fall in love with a kid who thinks the most beautiful words in the world are found on labels in the bathroom, and names her pets accordingly (Laxative, Mascara, fluoride and Moisturizer)? The book details a week in the life of Clementine and opens up with her best friend Margaret asking for "help" with an emergency haircut. As you can imagine, hijinks ensue. I love the energy of this character, and the black and white illustrations by Marla Frazee convey it beautifully.

Sadly, Sara Pennypacker appears to be website-less. However, I have found a few other books she has written, and plan to pick them up post-haste. I encourage you all to do the same!

Thanks for the book, Alexis! Off to read my second "Mini Book Expo for Bloggers" assignment, "the Big Why" by Michael Winter who, incidentally, has a travel blog for his current book tour. Hope the book lives up to the interesting-ness of the author...


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