Saturday, August 06, 2005

July Redux...1

Yes, as a few of you have oh-so-rightly pointed out - it has been a while. Though if you know me well enough to be reading this thing, you probably know something else about me - I'm lazy. And easily distracted. What can you do?

Here's an as-brief-as-I-can-make-it breakdown of the busiest month of my summer.

1. The wedding of S&S. Typically there's not much involved for a wedding, work-wise, unless you're one of the dudes getting married, or are related, or a member of the wedding party. Or, in my case, have a big freaking mouth. That's right. In a flurry of excitement (hormones?) over an office lunch room wedding detail discussion (specifically - how expensive wedding cakes are - who knew?), I spontaneously volunteered my co-worker JuGo's and my services in the area of wedding cake making. Oh God. My only explanation is that I may still have been high off a recent baking success, for my friend LaTr's birthday. ANYWAY, here I was, committed to baking a cake. We held a trial run (and an icing fight), which was wildly successful. Actual cake-making commenced a few days before the wedding, and much to our proud surprise, turned out not bad at all. The wedding was ok, too.

2. A first date! Yes, even though it was the busiest month of my summer, and even though I was technically 'off the stuff', I managed to somehow MEET someone. Who is totally great. I figure anyone who can gracefully handle a first date that is a blatant attempt to multi-task my social obligations (I took him to a screening of Kaeja Dance at Camera - my friend ElCo works for the company and I'd promised to support her event) is worth keeping around for a while. More on him later, I'm trying to work chronologically here.

3. A trip to Thunder Bay! ...and crap, I'm outta time. I know it's cruel to leave you on the edge of your seats like this (humour me), but I seriously have to leave. More on the busiest month EVER soon. Promise.


Anonymous Danielle said...

just wanted to let you know, orillia was indeed othrilling. man alive, that farmer's market was practically giving away musquoka chairs!

8:36 AM  
Blogger ers said...

Awesome. Something to note for next time - 'Crazy Dan's Flea Market' is NOT to be missed. The place is hoppin' around 6am on a Sunday.

9:50 PM  

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