Monday, November 13, 2006


Alright, boring day here, folks - I'm feeling like a champion just because I spent the day at work, went to the gym and grocery store after work AND remembered to vote on the way home. Barely.

I wasn't on the voter list when I showed up, but I just had to show proof of my residence (I knew carrying around all those old pay stubs would come in handy one day) and I was handed my ballot.

Did anyone else have to use one of those mini screen things, where you're supposed to stick your pen and ballot into the box, but when you do, you can't see anything on the ballet? Man, I miss the good old days when there were full-on dividers between you and your voting neighbour.

No big plans for this week, so expect many more scintillating posts like this one. Between work events and knitting, this blog could change direction entirely. Speaking of knitting, wanna see what I'm working on? Well, you can't see it exactly because I don't have a picture of it yet, but this is what it's going to look like eventually. Except mine is alpaca and a beautiful shade of teal that will look perfect on my mom. Pretty, huh? The pattern is the most complicated I've ever done, and I've started giving myself a little whoop whoop (Arsenio-style) after every successfully completed row. Laundry, knitting (whoop) and Heroes - not a bad Monday night after all. As long as this doofus doesn't win the mayoral election, that is. Worst. Campaign. Evar. Fingers crossed, Torontonians! See you tomorrow.


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