Sunday, September 09, 2007

Summer Stuff

Look, I finished my first ever knit baby outfit set thing!

I KNOW. It's exciting. I think I've solved my start-and-never-finish knitting problem - only knit small things! It's perfect!!

Now, just because I'm sure you're dying to see, here are some closeups:

Hat closeup

Sweater closeup:

Bootie closeup:

Much of these were knit on airplanes and streetcars, in and en route to cities such as Toronto, Philadelphia & Vancouver. Just gave the set to some soon-to-deliver friends, so hopefully I can post a picture one day soon with a real live model!!

The set travelled to BC with me and visited Rose & Kate's new apartment, where we saw a beautiful sunset from their balcony:

Also got to meet one of the cutest dogs ever - my new doggie pal Emmy Lou Hairy:

Rose and I took her for a drag through the park. That is one stubborn puppy!!

We had a lovely visit. Good dinner, lots of wine - wonderful hostesses!

The visit to Vancouver was followed by a trip to the Island to visit the fam. Pictures from that trip will have to wait until I get new batteries for my camera!!