Sunday, September 09, 2007

Summer Stuff

Look, I finished my first ever knit baby outfit set thing!

I KNOW. It's exciting. I think I've solved my start-and-never-finish knitting problem - only knit small things! It's perfect!!

Now, just because I'm sure you're dying to see, here are some closeups:

Hat closeup

Sweater closeup:

Bootie closeup:

Much of these were knit on airplanes and streetcars, in and en route to cities such as Toronto, Philadelphia & Vancouver. Just gave the set to some soon-to-deliver friends, so hopefully I can post a picture one day soon with a real live model!!

The set travelled to BC with me and visited Rose & Kate's new apartment, where we saw a beautiful sunset from their balcony:

Also got to meet one of the cutest dogs ever - my new doggie pal Emmy Lou Hairy:

Rose and I took her for a drag through the park. That is one stubborn puppy!!

We had a lovely visit. Good dinner, lots of wine - wonderful hostesses!

The visit to Vancouver was followed by a trip to the Island to visit the fam. Pictures from that trip will have to wait until I get new batteries for my camera!!


Anonymous roro said...

Oh my god. CUTEST. BABY. STUFF. EVER. I'm so impressed!!!

The cute baby stuff is ALMOST as cute as Emmy Lou. I thought of you this morning as I took her on another drag by the seawall. She is strong AND stubborn.

5:14 PM  
Blogger ers said...

Thanks Roro!! Wait'll you see baby sweater set 2.0, which is currently sitting on my couch at home, waiting to be stitched together. Scratch that Emmy's belly for me, will ya?

9:51 AM  

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