Wednesday, November 15, 2006

two things

1. Second Life

For some reason, I can't seem to escape references to Second Life lately, and Katr's post today has pushed me over the edge - not only because I'm a big fan of Case Camp, but because I think the entire idea is FASCINATING. (I know it's shallow, but the opportunity to have a 12" waist and STILL EAT CHEESE is one I can't pass up). I am now the proud owner (?) of a Second Life avatar and am deadly curious to see how this whole thing works. It still reeks of D&D-style gamery to me, which I was always too lazy to figure out, but I think the ability to be whatever you want to be is fascinating. I realize this is nothing new, that people have essentially been able to re-create themselves anonymously online for years, but don't you just love the idea of some really quiet, non-descript person having this raging, sexy, dramatic Second Life? And the thought of people who honest to god make a LIVING via this game/site? Holy. Anyway, stay tuned - so far my avatar is entirely boring and remarkably reflective of my real life (except the waist size)...but who knows what the future will bring (other than eye-fatigue from spending waaaaaay too much time looking at a computer screen).

2. Crazy Corporate America

Despite being deathly allergic to shellfish, I worked at Dead Lobster for a year or so while I was in University, and that experience, thank god, was my closest brush with the beast I like to call Crazy Corporate America. I still have nightmares of our managers trying to get us to wear Dead Lobster clothing during our off time (why not give one of these great Dead Lobster hats to your Dad for christmas? 5% off for Staff if you buy one today!), passing out pins for things like "best procedure follower" and calendars with pictures of Dead Lobster restaurants in different (American) cities, and generally proselytizing the seafood-themed "word" at any given opportunity. It was an all-or-nothing scenario - either you thought this was the best goddamn job you'd ever had, or you weren't Dead Lobster material. I have NEVER responded well to that sort of scenario - I was a very damn competent waitress (I think it's the ocd), I followed their rules, customers loved me (I think it's the boobs), and I couldn't understand why they wouldn't just leave me alone to do my job, collect my tips and LEAVE. Anyway, I eventually quit, leaving the memories of forced team bonding/brainwashing far behind...until this AMAZING video of a Bank of America employee BROUGHT IT ALL BACK. Sweet Jeebus, I would so love to hear what Bono has to say about the new lyrics. heh.


Blogger my name is kate said...

Yay! Way to go ers! You'll have to send me your avatar name and we can explore SL together! Apparently its super-cool if you have skype going at the same time. Eliminates some of the typing overhead.

One wonders .. will Knizzles soon have a meeting in SL?

4:48 PM  
Anonymous roro said...

I was going to make some hilarious D&D jokes about you two but I've got to watch that U2 thing again. Sweet Lavendar Lord that's funny.

9:11 AM  
Blogger ers said...

Kate, I'm Skerin Mulberry - but I haven't had time to download onto my home computer yet, so all I've done so far is sign up. After this weekend, we'll have to make an SL date fer sure!

Roro, an SL knizzles meeting...whatta ya say?!? ;)

2:20 PM  

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